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Federico Nathan Project 

At just 16 years of age, Federico left Uruguay and began a series of journeys in search of an artistic identity which to this day continues to evolve. This project began as a result of this constant searching and of his continuous transformation as a person.

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...  is a response to everything and everyone that abandons and has abandoned their place of origin and a reflection about exiled people from different cultures and ethnic groups throughout human history.

Uniting different musical genres and visions such as Jazz, Latinamerican music and classical and popular music, “Diaspora” pays homage to different cultures in the world and to the victims of forced displacements including genocides that have been perpetuated in these various lands.

From an innocent melody that transports us to the Middle East to an exciting rhythm from Eastern Europe, “Diaspora” provides an unending fountain of inspiration with respect to composition, improvisation, rhythm and expression. The repertoire also includes the Suite «Salsipuedes , » a Master work of great contrasts that pays homage to indigenous Latinamerican culture.

Diaspora is adapted for Symphonic Orchestra by Federico himself.
The Soloist quartet has the possibility of expanding on its music with the inclusion, the addition of an exceptional singer- storyteller, a mysterious voice that here and there, from time to time speaks out, thereby playing on the subconscious mind while the music does the rest

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