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The violinist Federico Nathan (Montevideo, 1986) is one of the greatest

improvising violinist of our time. He performs as a soloist in

ensembles and orchestras around the world. Being a versatile

musician, he participates in projects of a wide range of musical genres

and leads his own project, being the latter the meeting point of his

fervent creative curiosity.

In his music Federico Nathan proposes a journey through different

sound universes, erasing the barrier between classical music and

popular music by creating a free of prejudices and profoundly

imaginative music.

Elements of rock, jazz, classical music as well as of Uruguayan

music converge in his music , while the balance of the planned

and the unplanned tips from one moment to the next.


“You can never be Alone when you realize that we are All One”

Federico Nathan provides us with a trip through different worlds of sound, erasing the barrier between classical and popular music, creating a music free of prejudice and one that is deeply imaginative .

A Violin Solo Concert in which the public can distinguish from the most delicate melodies to an impressive virtuosity, at times incorporating Loops as well as various contemporary electronic sounds .

Elements of Rock, Jazz, as well as Latin American and classical music all converge in the music of AllOne

AllOne was performed in different venues around the world such as La Trastienda (Montevideo),  De tanker in Noord (Amsterdam), Cafe Berlin (Madrid), Sala Matisse (Valencia), Ozen Bar (Tel Aviv), Instituto de Cultura Italiano (Buenos Aires), Teatro PayPay (Cádiz) and La Sala (Sevilla).

Trough original compositions, Federico brings songs that talk about our posture in the universe, our ineer child and the dilemmas that we have to deal with when society expect us to be something that we are not.

In March 2020, during the pandemic, Federico started recording the AllOne album at home. All original compositions of violin solo except for the last track that is a lyrical piece for violin and string orchestra that brings jazz influences and the classical music sound together. The AllOne album was mixed by Vicente Sabater in Valencia and will be released in 2022 by Encore Music Label.

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